A reverence for beauty - of the world and ourselves

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Feel the power of pure, enriched, natural, and active botanical ingredients on your skin

Full-spectrum CBD extract

CBD is an incredibly effective ingredient in skincare due to its powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. Our products contain whole-plant extracts—cannabinoids, terpenes, fats, vitamins, and amino acids which help regulate oil production, reduce inflammation, and keeps your skin hydrated all day long!

Smart, clean skincare

We've bridged science, technology, and nature to create a full line of smart skincare products with ingredients that will deliver strength-packed results to your skin.

Colombian roots

We locally and sustainably source genetic-specific plants from the beautiful lands of Colombia. Our goal is to deliver that awe-so-divine richness and purity from the soil to your everyday skincare routine.

Skincare for self care. All natural, green beauty.

Our skincare products are engineered with the finest natural, ethically sourced, ingredients like aloe vera, cacay oil, plant-derived CBD, cold pressed coconut oil, sacha inchi oil, and calendula extract.

Colombia: our roots, our inspiration, and our source of matter.

/ô/  -  noun
an overwhelming feeling of reverence or admiration produced by that which is grand, sublime, or extremely powerful...

When we are in awe, the whole world comes to a halt.  We brought Ô —pronounced “Awe”— to life because of our desire to make everyday feel as majestic as being in that moment - the feeling you get from panoramic views from the top of a mountain, or the tranquility you feel standing underneath a waterfall.

Ô, born and developed in Colombia, is a line of skincare products that incorporates our love for earth, nature, health, and beauty. 

Ô is the world you choose to give life and meaning to. 

Ô is a space where you come to disconnect from the average and connect with the sublime.

Welcome to your Ô.

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